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“I have been teaching for the last 7 years. Despite having access to content and guidance on the syllabus, 90% of students fail the exam due to a lack of discipline, which stems from trying to do everything at once or not doing anything at all. Discipline fosters routine. A routine helps to overcome emotions and ensures consistency.”

Vimal Singh RathoreFounder & Teacher, Kalam

“I have appeared in three UPSC interviews and was selected in CSE 2017 with an All India Rank of 529. One addition I would make to my planning is a strong focus on Current Affairs and Discipline. That's what the Pledge is all about.”

Super KarthikAIR 529, UPSC CSE 2017
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just Mathematics

“CSAT is a blend of analytical reasoning, comprehension, and problem-solving skills. We’ll break down each aspect of CSAT, making it accessible and manageable with your GS studies. I'll help you balance your time effectively, ensuring you qualify CSAT with confidence while focusing on the broader UPSC syllabus.”

~ Super Karthik

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Vimal Singh Rathore

A Science Researcher by academics, Vimal is known for teaching complex topics in a very simple manner. His emphasis on ‘Daily Discipline’ among students has led to experiencing drastic shift in learning outcomes. As a tech entrepreneur, he has founded Coursavy and now democratising education at Kalam. He has previously cleared UPSC CAPF, UPSC Mains & GATE.

Karthik Kotturu

An IIT graduate, Super Karthik left a Civil Services career to pursue his passion for education. Among his accomplishments are clearing the UPSC CSE in 2017 with AIR 529, as well as succeeding in the UPSC IES, IITJEE, GATE, and GMAT exams. He has aced nearly every exam an Indian student aspires to conquer. He is now leading the education revolution at Kalam.

Arpita Sharma

With 6 years of teaching experience, Arpita is known for her emphasis on mind-maps ensuring long-term topic retention. Her unwavering dedication and constant availability make her a favourite among students. She loves to teach History and Polity in the most simple manner.


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